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Equestrian and Livestock Supplies  

We make a range of gear and also have for sale second hand saddlery

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Monkey Grips

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Made from quality oil treated USA latigo. Fantastic for riders learning to balance (and not pull on pony’s mouth), mounted games and for young horses (sometimes it goes pear shaped and we just need something to hold on to!!).

Useful for lunging horses –clip reins to saddle, carrying gear (whip, halter/lead, camera/GPS bags/straps etc) –clip to saddle.

All purpose monkey Grip

Attached to saddle dee’s by screw post so easy to change to another saddle or add clips if needed. AP monkey grip $12.50

Can be made adjustable for different saddles with extra holes. Standard length 25cm ( 10”)  Can be made to order-if attaching clips may want shorter if young child. With clips total length 35cm (14”). Currently only available in brown.  Screw posts in brass, nickel or black.

Can be personalised with name add $3.50

Nickle Plate snaps (x2)  add $8

Solid Brass Snaps ¾ “ (x2)  add $14.20


Stockmans monkey grip, rope core for strength (minimise stretching) bound with latigo. Trigger snaps both ends. Standard length 32cm (12”) including clips, approx as each one varies a little.

Stockmans grip with brass snaps $29.50

Stockmans grip with nickel snaps $23.30

Note stockmans grip 2nd from top in picture is what they look like after 12mths of hard work and use! (pic of 4 grips)

Dog collars, lip (curb) straps and other items also made, pictures and details will be on website soon. or phone 0417429300  email

Pick up Yass or can be posted (cost of Aust Post).

Saddles For Sale  


Lots of bits, stainless steel, various types $10 each mostly full size

Please contact us for more details, prices negotiable phone 0417429300











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