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 Kirramurray Dog Details

All our dogs live in a family farm environment with young children constantly handling them.  They are used to all types of livestock, machinery, loud noises and a very busy environment.  They are all very submissive to our cat-who appears to put the pups in their place at a young age and they never forget this. They travel well in the car or ute, sit in crate all week if camping or at competitions or at the back door when at home. They are a quiet line of border collies and many have gone to live in units in large cities etc and coped very well. However they are an intelligent breed so need to be kept mentally active and trained for them to be happy in a small environment, obviously we prefer if they have room to run and probably underestimate the free range exercise they get at home-which means they do sleep at your feet 95% of the time!  Every puppy has its variations and some of them are a little more energetic than their parents.  Our dogs go to puppy preschool and local schools/preschools on a regular basis are used as demo dogs etc.  Our dogs all have a medium coat (possibly due to the environment they are kept in) which looks long hair but isn’t overly dense and hence doesn’t take a lot of work to keep clean or unmatted. However all dogs do need weekly attention to check for knots or grass seeds etc.  Some of their puppies have grown to produce lovely full show coats which are a lot denser than their parents.  They will all work stock to some degree with Dusky and Mozzie’s lines working very well and gentle with stock but will put pressure on when required.  They love playing with other like minded dogs and trips to the beach (or just our river for a swim).  

Kirramurray Shadow: Black and White (Dusky-Red/White X Dunworkn Wish-Choc Tri)

Shadow is a very loyal dog, easy and willing to train-she would do a back flip for you if you asked her just like her mother Dusky.  Quiet and gentle and can be a little shy with strangers (if not dog people) or other dogs (will just walk away) but loves a pat and will gently remind you to touch her with a little nose pushed under your elbow!  She doesn’t jump up on people but is agile and happy to plant herself in the ute if she thinks we going for a drive.  Shadow doesn’t wander and will just lay at your feet or the back door all day. Shadow works stock quietly but with confidence and force when required but easily called off work and just as happy to sit and watch.  Shadow has good confirmation and throws good bone and size to her puppies. She loves a brush and will lay belly up on the table all day for a bit of attention, will jump up and plant herself in front of you if she thinks there is a chance of a brush. Shadow loves to wade in the water and run on the beach chasing the seagulls if she gets the chance.  She will swim if we are in the water but happy to flop in the shallows if we are on the shore. Shadow is clear/CBP for CEA,TNS,CL. She carries the following colour genes: Chocolate, Tri, Red, and possible more.

Arajoel Uare Rust N Gold: Kirra-Chocolate Tri

Kirra is a very quiet gentle dog, loves everyone and just wants a pat from anyone who will look her way.  Easy to train the basics- but will ask ‘why and how much will you bribe me’ if challenged with extra tasks!!  She will lean on your leg for attention and doesn’t go far but will sit in the shade of a tree if we are working in the sun. Doesn’t like to jump-still asks to be lifted into the ute! She is the demo dog for schools etc and regular takes her young puppies around for show and tell and lessons on how puppies drink and grow as she is more than happy to have strange children maul her.  Not as loyal as our others she would happily go with anyone who offers her less challenges than I do-although is always by my side.  However she does perform on cue for her movie rolls and was amazing at providing the correct expression, direction and speed when working in challenging circumstances on film sets-in national parks with thousands of natural distractions!  Her puppies have been quite small and light dogs, approx. 14kg fully grown, with less bone than a breeder would like but does make them very gentle house dogs.  Kirra loves to cool down in the water but hasn’t taken to swimming yet.  She loves a game of soccer with the kids.  Kirra is clear for CEA,CL.  Kirra carries the following colour genes: Choc, Tri, Red, Blue

Kirramurray Brandie: Black Tri with sable undercoat (Shadow x Ozzie-Blue Tri)

Brandie is a quiet little dog, smaller than her mother Shadow.  She is Kirra’s granddaughter so has a bit of both in her, her sire Ozzie was a blue tri and a very quiet gentle dog, excellent at working stock gently and wide-paddock dog not so keen in the yards-would work them from outside the yard! Brandie is very easy and willing to train. Like her mother she loves a brush and a tummy rub.  Likes visitors but wouldn’t go home with them voluntarily and is gentle with the kids.  Good with other dogs-will avoid confrontation.  Brandie loves a good wade or run in the water although we appreciate that she doesn’t have to sit in her water bowl like most of the others. Brandie is CBP: CEA, CL. Brandie carries the following colour genes: Choc, Tri, Blue

Cumbeynd Rust N Dust: Rusty Chocolate and White

Rusty is our young dog and these are his first litters of puppies. Rusty comes from agility lines and loves to jump and do obstacle courses or anything you ask.  He has done many trips with us as a pup and was amazing quiet and happy to sit in the pram with the toddler for hours on end-without chewing anything-pretty good for a 12wk old puppy.  He loves water and will sit in his water bowl all day long, hence his now rusty looking coat as he has bleached most of the colour out! Loves to swim and find weeds/yabbies or anything else out of the water, fetching sticks etc.  Rusty is our all round clown at the moment as most 12mth old dogs are.  He loves everyone-sometimes with a bit too much enthusiasm and knows he’s suppose to control himself but it is exuding out of his wiggling sit!!  He will slip a sly lick in at every chance.  He loved puppy preschool and helped out with many classes until his enthusiasm and bounding leap from chair to chair was getting a bit distracting!  He spent many a long day sitting very quietly in his small crate at work and loved playing with the special needs children who would he would play with very gently. Rusty is clear for CL, TNS, carrier for CEA.  Rusty carries the following colour genes: Choc, Red, Tri, Fawn/brindle. 

 Please follow the link below for photos of our border collies and copies of their papers for bloodlines: you will need to scroll through the photos to get to the papers. The photos on this link are updated regularly as we are unable to update this website with photos etc. 

We have now kept offspring from the above dogs and also have new lines. please email for more info. 

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