Kirramurray Dogs Kirramurray Dogs Woombye Dusky Shadow 6839004 Lombrum White Masterpiece Clancy at Kirramurray, sire of Dusky's litter 2008 6760624 Lombrum White Masterpiece Clancy sire of Dusky's litter 2008 6760619 Harry the JRT Maggie's male pup sold to Karen Rae of Yass 6760595 Dusky playing with Maggie's pups Harry and Mags escaping from Dusky (6mths of age) 6760620 Wombye Dusky Shadow Taking a bath in the fire hose!! 6760621 Harry pup Maggie's male pup 'Harry' 6760596 Mags the pup Maggie's pup sold to Alison Barker of Virbac 6760622 Casper Dusky Maggie attempts at xmas photos 6760626 Whiskey's Pups Maggie, Jessie and Sparky 6760623 Whiskey's Pups Sparky, Izzi and Jessie pounce on Maggie 6760597 Dusky Having a play with the baby bath 6760625 Wombye Dusky Shadow Dusky 14wks of age 6760598 Kirramurray Pets Casper, Dusky, Maggie and Matilda 6760627 Maggie and pups The three mousketeers 6760599 Wombye Dusky Shadow and Lombrum White Masterpiece 6838512 Dusky at Huskisson Beach 6838513 Clancy Harry and Dusky 6838475 Dusky, Noel, Harry and Matilda 6838529 Dusky summer days 6838530 Daffodil 5wks Maggie and Harley's pup 58155194 Daisy and Daffodil 3wks old Maggie and Harley's pups 58155195 Dusky and Sparrow asleep on the lawn 6839025 Matilda and Maggie out checking the sheep 6839005 Dusky Matilda and Maggie 6839026 Matilda at the beach 6839006 Penny drops 6952525 Lombrum White Masterpiece 6952526 Fletcher dogs 6952527 Maggie and Penny 6952528 Penny and Maggie at YVH 6952892 Arajoel U are Rust N Gold Kirra playing in the dam 58155644 Clancy 58155645 Maggie and Daffodil 09 58155646 Dusky playing in the dam winter 09 58155647 Arajoel U are Rust n Gold (Kirra) Playing in the dam 5mths old 58155648 Harrison and the dogs in the dam 58158026 Lombrum Chilli Dusky's litter 08 58155649 Kirra 5mths old 58158027 Matilda taking a break 58158028 Kirra 58160828 Matilda Dusky Kirra At Huskisson 09 64229484 Kirra working 58160829 64229786